Package version

import "go/version"

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Package version provides operations on Go versions in Go toolchain name syntax: strings like "go1.20", "go1.21.0", "go1.22rc2", and "go1.23.4-bigcorp".

func Compare 1.22

func Compare(x, y string) int

Compare returns -1, 0, or +1 depending on whether x < y, x == y, or x > y, interpreted as Go versions. The versions x and y must begin with a "go" prefix: "go1.21" not "1.21". Invalid versions, including the empty string, compare less than valid versions and equal to each other. The language version "go1.21" compares less than the release candidate and eventual releases "go1.21rc1" and "go1.21.0".

func IsValid 1.22

func IsValid(x string) bool

IsValid reports whether the version x is valid.

func Lang 1.22

func Lang(x string) string

Lang returns the Go language version for version x. If x is not a valid version, Lang returns the empty string. For example:

Lang("go1.21rc2") = "go1.21"
Lang("go1.21.2") = "go1.21"
Lang("go1.21") = "go1.21"
Lang("go1") = "go1"
Lang("bad") = ""
Lang("1.21") = ""